Rhea Fitzgerald

I was born with a photographer’s eyes
A potter’s hands
And a poet’s heart.
Some people wonder if I will ever make up my mind.
Probably not.
It was only a matter of time
Before I connected all those pieces together
So that I could tell my story in the clearest possible way
Because essentially
I am a storyteller and I find stories everywhere
Stories in a face, in a pot, in a picture.
Some have words to speak-
The opening line to a novel-
Others just have a mood.
It’s a jumping off place for me
To discover who I am
And where I am going.
It is at the same time intensely personal
And completely universal.
I am on a search for truth.
I find it in the unusual
And in the ordinary details.
I look for similarities and common themes
I watch how things interact
How they play together.
I have found truth in ancient eastern thought,
In new age philosophy,
In the woods,
On the beach,
In the wind,
at a construction site
And in the smell of baking bread.
Most of my personal pieces
Tap into some sort of truth
That dances around the edge of a universal theme.
The times I have felt most alone
I find that I am most connected
To every other soul on the planet.
If my work speaks to you
It pleases me
That our paths have intersected for a moment.


"Rhea makes fun, big art and other projects.  She captures themes and point to relationships within systems.  She readily uses what is on hand. The result equals more than the sum of the parts.  Rhea loves brainstorming with others; to follow the path of how others think. She is a team player and she knows how to have fun and is willing to have fun."
Cyndie DeRidder, Artist



Chicago, IL, USA



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